JSK Strasbourg is a small team which plays a little-known sport in France. But above all, it is a team which is full of values. This is because field hockey is a dynamic team sport that requires a mix of speed, agility, dexterity, precision and self-sacrifice, all of which makes it a highly addictive sport!

But JSK Strasbourg is not simply a hockey team; it is a team based on values and indeed, in our team, the sport becomes a collective, cosmopolitan and cross-border adventure.

As hockey is little practised in France, JSK Strasbourg joins the illustrious German championship, the Baden-Württemberg Verbandsliga. Consequently, the competition stretches from Strasbourg to Mannheim, Stuttgart and Freiburg!

Additionally, the appeal of Strasbourg as a European and international metropole means that several players come from far and wide to play hockey with JSK Strasbourg, with over 10 different nationalities and all continents represented.

Finally, JKS Strasbourg encourages diversity – everyone plays in the same team, regardless of gender, age or skill level.

So, come play with us! Whether it be to keep in shape, to have some fun, or to play in a competition, there’s sure to be something to please everyone!

Denis Royer
President of the JSK Strasbourg Hockey Club